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You've probably seen, and probably even used a smiley or emoticon one or more times within your internet experience. Whether its been an actual picture, or just a series of characters like:-), you have often seen it! - copy paste character

You might be surprised to find out why and how these "smileys" have evolved in online communication. Well, it must be noted that psychologists have found that 90% of human communication is non-verbal (that's not likely surprising). A lot of communication is perceived through body gestures, tone, gestures, etc.

On the net, be it in the forum, blog, email, or instant messenger chat, there is no mechanism to convey these "non verbal" signals. Hence, smileys! Smileys and emoticons are used to confer emotion it doesn't matter what it is, sarcasm, jokes, anger, sadness, bashfulness, playful, etc.

The first noted emoticon ever noted is ":-J" which represents tongue in cheek.

Today, smiley face symbols and emoticons are becoming extremely popular in digital communication and also have started out simple character sequences to simple static images and nowadays 3-dimensional animated smileys. You will see support for smileys in all modern email providers (example: Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail) and all im chat applications (example: MSN messenger, AOL messenger, yahoo messenger, Skype).- copy paste character